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Meisen tray


Modern and vivid Meisen
​ trapped in the vessel

Colorful and modern meisen trays

It becomes the atmosphere such as the North European tableware

Blends naturally into everyday life.


Meisen kimono about 100 years ago
Features many modern patterns

Currently, the popularity of antique kimono is heating up again.
Meisen like modern art
It is gaining popularity, especially among young people and foreigners who are interested in kimono.


​ What is Meisen?


Mainly produced in the Kanto region,

Also known as "antique kimono"

Yarn-dyed plain weave silk fabric.

From the Taisho era to the beginning of the Showa era

boasts high popularity

Once upon a time, 1 in 10 Japanese women

It is said that he was wearing

* Yarn-dyed technique is to calculate the pattern after weaving.

The white silk threads are dyed before being woven.

A technique that requires a high level of skill.


Brighten up your dining table and room

Meisen trays have a clear color contrast, so
While complementing the ingredients, the plate has a casual impact.
​ Brighten up your dining table or room.


Popular with foreigners
"Drawn Kimono"

A Japanese kimono design that makes you feel Japan
Arimatsu Shibori is full of craftsmanship
It is a product that foreigners will be happy to receive as a souvenir.
In today's world where there are few opportunities to wear a kimono
can be incorporated into daily life
It has been reborn as upholstered tableware.


Arimatsu diaphragm


A beautiful iris blur pattern on a vessel

A cotton tie made in the Arimatsu-cho and Narumi-cho areas of Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.

With the technique of tie-dyeing by tying cloth

Draw various patterns

For a light and cool feel

It is mainly used as a yukata fabric.


"Japanese Beauty and Iki"
Have fun and make use of it in your daily life

​Sodaemon Shoten
Created with the theme of "Wa" together with local craftsmen and factory workers

Commitment to MADE IN JAPAN

We will deliver products that allow you to feel the essence and beauty of Japan in your daily life.

栃木県栃木市 霜旦舎 定右衛門商店 そうたんしゃ さだえもんしょうてん
​Onko innovation
"In addition to finding new things by visiting the facts of the past,
Based on that, we will create something new.”
Inheriting the good points of tradition, culture and customs
with new ideas
We deliver products that suit your daily life.
霜旦舎 定右衛門商店ネットショップ

Production/operating companyHachi Bit Co., Ltd.

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