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in your room

Life with kimono

The old cloth that spun various thoughts

into a new shape.

​You can enjoy kimono every day at the dining table or in your room.

Beautiful kimono on the tray

【brandThoughts on]

Gunma prefecture where I was born and Tochigi prefecture where I married

It is famous for its silk kimono fabric known as ``Meisen''.

When I inherited a kimono or haori from my grandmother

The memories of being impressed by the bold patterns and colors that are full of individuality are still vividly revived without fading.

Therefore, not only "wearing and enjoying" kimono

With the idea of ``more familiar! ``Enjoyable with your eyes'' kimono products that match the interior.

Reusing the traditional Japanese kimono

I would like to spin the intangible "feelings" of my predecessors from the tangible "kimono".

People who like kimonos and Japanese tastes, people of age groups and nationalities who have never had the opportunity to touch kimonos

And for those who seek richness and fun in everyday life scenes

We would like you to feel the "beauty and style of Japanese" through our products.

[Thoughts on the product]

Also called antique kimono"Meisen"

It boasts high popularity from the Taisho era to the beginning of the Showa era.

It is said that one in ten Japanese women once wore it.

"Good old beautiful kimonos add color to modern life."

We wear kimonos woven from meisen with modern patterns.

Take a stroll through the streets filled with Taisho romance

The "little happiness and style" felt by our predecessors is shared across time and space,

In order to pass on the kimono fabrics that spun various thoughts to future generations 

Using a technique called upholstery processing, which is rare in Japan

Breathe new life into your kimono as a plastic tray.


Shimotansha Jouemonshoshop


Maebashi​ Kazumi

K.azumi Maebashi

I love kimonos, and I want to use cute meisen silk fabrics, beautiful kimonos, and obis on my dining table and in my room.

With this in mind, we have developed a product upholstered tray using kimono fabric.

How Meisen trays and kimono trays are made

It was upholstered
Search for kimono fabrics and obi

cutting kimono fabric

​Special manufacturing method "upholstered"

Look for kimono fabrics that match the trays intended for upcycling.

The upholstery process that transforms into a tray, depending on the combination of yarn colors,

After special processing, the pattern may sink and become invisible. Determining whether it is suitable for "upholstery processing" is also one of the important tasks.

Consider which tray size suits the design of the kimono fabric,

​In addition, we think about which part of the pattern will be beautiful, and cut with attention to the pattern line. In addition, the color of the back coating is also decided according to the kimono fabric.

After kneading the plastic resin blended for upholstery processing,

The kimono fabric and resin are combined, and direct pressure molding is performed using a 130t press.

The surrounding kimono fabric is removed with a machine (deburring), the back side is painted, and it is placed in a drying oven.

Once dry, print your logo on the back and you're done!

*We use safe resin that conforms to the Food Sanitation Act. 

Only a few companies in Japan can do it
Special compression manufacturing method "upholstery processing"


Production/operating companyHachi Bit Co., Ltd.

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